Firestorm fitcamps! and Fitness Revolution: Simply The Best Fat Loss and Fitness Solution in San Antonio!

Short, Sweet, Simple And Safe Training Programs. It Ain't Sexy, But It'll Make YOU Look Sexy In As Little As Six Weeks!!

Firestorm fitcamps! and Fitness Revolution: Simply The Best Fat Loss and Fitness Solution in San Antonio! - Short, Sweet, Simple And Safe Training Programs.  It Ain't Sexy, But It'll Make YOU Look Sexy In As Little As Six Weeks!!

The Plan

“Uncle Steve,” began Tracie (not her real name), “I have a wedding coming up in a month that I am a bridesmaid for. What’s the fastest way to blah, blah, blah…?”

It was at this point I zoned out, hearing nothing but the sound of Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice…but I digress.

I wasn’t intentionally being rude or inattentive. It’s just that I’ve heard this question at least 2.5 gazillion times. So much so that I can almost detect purely by body posture and facial expression when people walk through the door of my gym what they will, inevitably, ask me at some point during the training session.

I stood there for a moment, eyelids squeezed tightly shut, tongue held securely between rigidly clenched teeth, counting to ten before answering, so as not to sound like a lunatic fringe type or perhaps a tyrant.

Opening my eyes and smiling I said, “Tracie, let me ask you a question: if you were to take a 6 month old baby to a pediatrician and ask her, ‘Doctor, what’s the fastest way to turn my baby into an adult?’ Do you think the doctor would give you a serious answer, or laugh you out of the office?”

Tracie opened her mouth to speak, and I stopped her and said, “Don’t answer that. Besides the obvious damage to the babies overall development and growth as well as learning potential, we both know which one it would be. So therefore you would agree with me then that it’s not about the fastest way to obtain your goal of fat loss, better health, being more fit or whatever… it’s about the most effective way, right?”

She nodded her head in agreement, so I continued.

“Therefore, the best way then should always involve the capacity to retain those results for the long haul and then continue to make good progress for the rest of your life…am I right?”

“I guess so…” Tracie said meekly.

I smiled broadly, then said, “Look…I know you may want to drop a certain amount of fat to fit into this dress for the wedding, and that’s great. But… is that all you want? I mean, don’t you have a goal to look fit, healthy and in shape this fall? Or next summer? Or ten years from now?”

“Well sure…” was all she could muster.

“Then why” I said, “would you want to complicate it so?”

Shortsightedness, The Fitness Industry’s Marketing Magic, And Why I Don’t Play That Game

We live in a blessed nation. Convenience and ease are at our very fingertips, and we expect it to be easy, fast and readily available.

4G speed on your phone.

Microwave food in seconds.

Drive-thru ordering everything from food to prescription drugs.

Instant internet access on the computer.

And on and on it goes.

But sadly, that isn’t how things in the human body work, or at least not how they’re supposed to. Babies don’t go from infancy to adulthood in 28 days. It takes 18 years.

For some of us it took 40…

There is no magic formula or potion, no silver bullet or quick fix. Sorry to be the one to have to break it to you.

However, when it comes to better health, fitness and wellness, for some reason we think we have to complicate things to such a degree that the (seemingly) simplest tasks become monumental undertakings and any degree of deviation from it insures ultimate failure.

And I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t true.

Recently I got curious and typed in an Amazon search for books with “21 Days” in the title.

I’ll wager that you didn’t know that there were 9,271 such books. You see, 21 or 28 day “quick fix” plans are very popular these days. It’s kind of the “go to” thing in the fitness industry.

And it’s not that have anything against or think that there is anything inherently wrong with a 21 or 28 day (fat loss, strength gain, whatever) program, I just look at the broader scope and larger picture. I’m not really interested in an individual looking a certain way 21 days from now. Personally, I’m more interested in them looking, and feeling and moving a certain way 21 YEARS from now!

But this hasn’t always been the case…

Many years ago, and lacking much confidence in my own capabilities or understanding of physiology and such and like a lot of other fitness professionals, I offered 21 day or 28 day fat loss programs for a nominal fee as a way to both attract people into my services and to make some extra cash.

The problem is that, while most of these folks had some degree of success in dropping a few pounds and getting a little leaner, none of them held onto that success for more than a couple of weeks.

And that bothered me.

I mean REALLY bothered me.

Seriously, here I’d been paid to provide a service that was going to get them a result, and while it technically did, I felt like I pulled the rug out from under them when they couldn’t keep or maintain the result.

And that just wasn’t fair in my mind.

So I started looking for ways to make it more valuable to people. A way that would allow them to succeed in both the short term as well as the long term.

Let me ask you this: if you could follow a 21 day routine that would allow you to drop 10 pounds in that time frame, but over the course of the next couple of weeks to a couple of months you would put it back on OR you could learn a way to drop that 10 pounds (and however much more your body needed to drop to maintain good health) and keep it offfor the rest of your life…which would you rather have?

Here’s how I see it: in my mind there’s a clear difference between getting a result the FASTEST way, and getting a result the BEST way.

I’d wager that 99% of the time, with respect to fat loss, better health or fitness, using the “get it fast” methodology ensures that critical and skill building steps that lead to and guarantee lifelong success and satisfaction in terms of both health and longevity are being either skipped, negated, neglected or missed altogether.

Inevitably and invariably what happens at the end of the individuals “rapid transformation” is that they’ve dumped their entire life savings worth of will power into the program and soon thereafter revert back to that which has been comfortable and accepted to date.

And that, quite frankly, just pisses me off…

Bringing The Pendulum Back To Center

I see things in life that, for lots of folks, is akin to a kind of pendulum swinging, with the weight never really being near the center. It’s always suspended at one extreme or the other.

Here’s the scenario: This month you want to drop “X” amount of weight, so you’re on a no carb regimen. Next month it’s “Katie bar the door” with respect to carb and calorie intake.

Or maybe you think that in order to have success in fitness you’ve got to “crush” your workout and be exhausted at the end of each training session. So you follow a Crossfit, P90X, Jillian Michael’s or “Insanity” training routine until something hurts (usually a knee, shoulder or back) which is then followed by limping and/or sitting on the couch for weeks or months. This article explains as much.

Or you’re so desperate to shed a few pounds you throw on a pair of Nike’s and head out the door to go run a few miles, until you’ve got Plantar fasciitis or your knees ache and your back is killing you.

Where’s the balance? The perspective? The measurable and positive RESULTS?

It’s not supposed to be this hard…is it?

Pssst…remember? We’re really good at complicating things, aren’t we?

In our desperation to achieve a certain look or some semblance of health and/or fitness we take the simplest things like nutrition and exercise and make them so complex and multifaceted that just the mere thought of a more simplistic approach frightens us because “it’s TOO simple and can’t possibly work!”, so we complicate things even further.

All the while having little to no fun doing it, spending more and more valuable time on each portion of it and getting more and more frustrated with our lack of results, or results that just don’t last.

And what are some of the pressures, or more accurately perception of pressures, upon us that lead to such an imbalance that causes us to complicate things?

In my opinion, here are a few:

  • Short term thinking – going on a diet rather than eating supportively on a consistent daily basis or performing ineffective and/or long training sessions to “make up” for lost time or to reach a desired goal.
  • Over indulgence – in anything.
  • Societal Pressures – ever see a magazine cover without a skinny blonde or brunette on it?
  • Feelings of inadequacy – not measuring up to a standard, either societal, familial or otherwise.
  • Striving for “more” – whatever “more” is. A human doing rather than human being.
  • Believing media hype and “magic” – Media influence through Photoshop and camera angles and lighting have screwed up plenty of people’s perspectives of what real beauty looks like.
  • Lack of confidence – For whatever reason.
  • Feelings of not measuring up – Again, for whatever reason.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, it’s the misunderstanding that one has to work so very hard to achieve what the beautifully designed and crafted gift of God already knows how to do.

But again, we complicate it.

And then we ask a fitness professional for assistance.

The BIG Secret In The Fitness Industry

I work with the general public.

Not elite athletes.

Not kids.

Not genetically gifted freaks of nature.

I could and have, and if that’s who hired me and what was needed I could fill the bill…but I don’t. I work with everyday individuals.

I chose to work with real people.

Common folk.

Like you and me.

They come to see me primarily for one thing…fat loss.

Occasionally I have someone ask me for other things as well, like a little more muscle, better flexibility or the ability to perform a certain task more efficiently. For the most part, the most strenuous portion of their day is taking groceries from the car to the house or possibly toting a 40lb bag of peat moss from the car to back yard.

I tell them all the same thing.

I tell them to follow “The Plan”

You see, in my opinion the big “secret” in the fitness industry is this: Most every fitness professional out there has a really good heart to serve people. I know, I’ve been involved in the business of improving people’s health and fitness for better than 30 years now. I’ve met and conferred with fitness professionals around the globe.

The problem is that most of the qualified professionals, while they love what they do and are by and large pretty good at it, are lead by marketing “guru’s” who advise them on how to get people in their door with a quick fix and then hope they impress them enough to stick around for a given number of months or years.

Here’s and example: if you are a general population individual with a house, a car, a job, a couple of kids (or not) and a dog and want to drop some body fat and you go see a fitness professional, they’re going to put you on their “Plan A“.

It’s their “Exclusive 21 Day Super Charged Low Carb Guaranteed Fat Drop” plan.

If you want to add a little muscle, they’re going to put you on “Plan B.” That’s the “Beast Mode Hyper Drive Make You A Machine In A Month” Plan.

Want to be able to perform a task more efficiently? “Plan C.”

I’ll let you come up with a cool name for it, but you get the idea.

And so on and on it goes…

At the end of those 21 or 28 days, the fitness professional lays out another plan and makes an offer to sustain that incremental level of “success” by sticking around and experiencing what they have to offer for the next 3, 6 or 12 months.

Why not a plan that starts working from day one, covers any and all of it, and will work for the rest of your life?

“Uncle Steve, that’s just crazy talk. Everybody knows there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to better health, fitness, fat loss and longevity!”


Are you sure about that?

I mean, maybe not for an elite level athlete or a kid, but for an ‘average’ individual…there is.

Simplicity Is The Key

Have you ever heard of the KISS Principle?

I first learned of it 33 years ago as a student in tech school. My professor, Mr. Lawton, taught it to us and said it was an “invaluable tool in the discovery and repair of electronics technology issues.”

It took me over 30 years to realize the wisdom of that statement.

Here’s the KISS Principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

In other words, do not complicate things. Simplicity works, and often is NOT easy.

In fact, it’s often harder than the complicated method.

The KISS Principle is the reason I developed The Plan.

The Plan

Just 6 “rules”, that if followed consistently, will change your life forever, for the better, and allow you to help others to do so as well.

The Plan is designed to do three things:

  1. Give you more time. Time…it’s the most precious thing you can give or offer someone. The 8th Commandment of God states, “Thou shall not steal.” Time is our most valuable commodity, as once it is spent…can never be replenished. I wouldn’t offer you a program, or expect you to follow one, that was going to waste your most precious asset in life. That would be stealing…
  2. Provide you with real word results. The Plan works…provided you follow it. Everyone gets results. Whether one is a bank robber or a bank teller, they both get results. The measure of whether or not said results are “positive” or “negative” is determined by the eventual consequences and outcome, but I think you get the point. If you’ve ever been certified to scuba dive you’ve heard the mantra, “Plan your dive and dive your plan.” Follow the plan, for at least twelve weeks, and then decide if it, and its ensuing results, are for you or not. If they are, adopt them for life.
  3. Make you a hero. Because I want you to share it. I’ll provide you with the necessary tools. You put it in people’s hands, hearts and minds and help them to reap the benefits of their success.

Does that sound like something you want to be a part of? I hope it does because here’s the best part…it’s free.

That’s right.



Wouldn’t be great if you could get healthy, get fit, lean, strong and sexy, all over night and for just 3 easy payments of just $39.95?

Well, sure it would. But that ain’t real life, now is it?

The Plan is going to take some investment of your time, effort and few dollars to get you where you want or should be. Listen, success, in virtually ANY endeavor is never easy, nor should it be. If it was, everyone would have success but many folks just aren’t willing to do the things necessary to bring about the change they so desperately say they want.

Since the goal of this project is to simplify your life, I’m going to give this information to you…for free, with a nothing more than couple of requests.

Does that sound like a good deal to you?

So who is the plan for?

  • Regular guys and gals who aren’t interested in stopping locomotives with their bare hands, leaping tall buildings or out running a grizzly. They just want to be able to perform everyday tasks a little easier, have more energy and stamina, move a little better and feel good.
  • People who are interested in getting out of the ‘rat race’ to better health, fitness and wellness.
  • People who want a simpler approach to feeling better, looking better and living longer.

So then, who is the plan NOT for?

  • Elite level or even amateur level competitive athletes.
  • Bodybuilders.
  • People who have aspirations becoming a competitive athlete.
  • People who already “know” all there is to know about better health, fitness and wellness…

Therefore, if you fall into the first category, and have now decided that you may want to do some follow up on this thing, I have just two requests:

  1. Follow The Plan faithfully for 12 weeks.
  2. Share your results with me at the end of the 12 weeks. You can email me photo’s, testimonials, video’s, whatever to

Will you do that?

So then…what are you waiting for?

Go to The Plan!

Do You See Who I See When You Look In The Mirror?

This is written by Steve Sisler, founder of Behavioral Resource Group. Enjoy…and remember!

You will blink 330 million times in a lifetime, make 25 million finger clenches, 2.5 billion heartbeats, pump 350 million quarts of blood, make 740 million breaths, laugh 540,000 times and cry 3,000 times (not enough in my opinion).

The average male has 400 billion sperm at conception that travel an equivalent of 5 miles and you’re one of them. Your kidney filters 40 gallons of blood a day. You will grow 60 feet of fingernails, 350 miles of hair and have 45 miles of nerves that send impulses at over 325 mph. You are producing 8 million red blood cells every second.

You have about 6 lbs. of skin that would cover 20 sq. ft. You will make 1 billion steps covering about 77,000 miles with each step landing on the bones of your feet with a force three times your body weight. You will breath in about 78 million gallons of air, which is enough to fill the Hindenburg one and half times.
You have 20 feet of small intestine, which covers about 100 sq. ft. of surface area and 6 feet of large intestine, which is five times the area of the bodies skin. Your intestines will squeeze out over 4 tons of food in 70 years.

Blood can reach any part of your body in six seconds. Your fingertips are so sensitive that four one hundred thousandths of an inch depression can be felt. Your eyes can see a small candle lit 30 miles away on a crisp evening. You can taste 4/100 gram of salt in 530 quarts of water. The eye can see 300,000 color variations and the ear can hear three one hundred thousandths of a second difference from one ear to the other. Every person has a unique and special voice print, finger print, iris print and body odor.

You have 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one oct-till-ion) atoms in your body all being held together by “magic” and being run by a 3 lb. glob of “mishmash” which contains enough energy to light one light-bulb. To put the amount of atoms in perspective, imagine 250,000 earth’s all filled with 4 feet of peas.

Now, the next time you think you can’t accomplish something, you think you’re not unique or special, why don’t you think again.

Steve Sisler”

I also know what the “magic” is that holds us together.

God doesn’t make junk. You have skills, talents and abilities that are unique to you alone. Explore them, put your powerful mind to use and develop them and be what He designed you to become.