Firestorm fitcamps! – Simply The Best Fat Loss and Fitness Solution in San Antonio!

We help YOU, the busy man or woman, get the look, feel or physical performance capability YOU want, in the time YOU have, without disruption to YOUR daily life.

Firestorm fitcamps! – Simply The Best Fat Loss and Fitness Solution in San Antonio! - We help YOU, the busy man or  woman, get the look, feel or physical performance capability YOU want, in the time YOU have, without disruption to YOUR daily life.

10 Reasons Why You Should Train With Us At Firestorm fitcamps!

1) Safety – I’ve been in the business of fitness for a long, long time. You have a life outside of the gym. I will not allow what we do in the gym to negatively affect your life outside the gym…period. Doing so is irresponsible and demonstrates a lack of caring and effort on my part. The Webster definition of a client states, “one that is under the care, guidance and protection of another.” I take that definition very seriously.

2) Indoors – We train indoors only. No inclement weather distractions. No bugs. No mud. No burrs. No remnants from someone’s inconsiderate dog…

3) Strength – The more strength you have, the more you can do. Strength is like a container, and what you can physically do is all of the things that will fit in that container. BEWARE: If you train with us at Firestorm fitcamps!, you’re going to need a bigger container!

4) Variety – No boring cardio. No half effort designed training protocol. No wasted effort or poor direction and supervision. Just clearly contemplated and expertly designed training protocol that will help you achieve the level of overall health, fitness and wellness that will make you better, stronger, more stable with better stamina AND I’ll wager these are things you desire and deserve.

5) Availability – My phone number is 210-884-2072. Call or text me anytime. My email address is Email me at any time. I’m here to serve you! Also, we offer multiple training times per day, and you’re welcome to attend any one of them that you want…

6) Experience – I’ve been a fitness professional for over 30 years. I can help you with pretty much anything with which you have an issue or question within the realm of better health, fitness or athletic performance. Check out our testimonials page for more on that…

7) Success – I’m so confident that you’re going to succeed with our program that I offer a double your money back guarantee to prove it. How’s that?

8) Friendly – I’ve worked hard to create an atmosphere of family friendliness, and it shows. I only work with quality people. You want to be one of the family?

9) Helpful – I will do my level best to help you achieve any health, fitness or wellness goal that you have. This is all I do, and it’s all I WANT to do. I am here to serve you.

10) Fun – Working out and getting into great shape shouldn’t be drudgery. Besides which, if it isn’t fun, why would you do it?


My Big Fear As A Fitness Professional

On September 8th of 2015, I turned 55 years of age. Not a milestone, by any stretch of the imagination, but it got me thinking more seriously about a subject with which I’ve been very interested for the last few years.

Agility, balance, flexibility, mobility and stability. In other words…how we move. And more specifically, how we move safely and fluidly through our day so as not to injure ourselves in some manner.

This all came about several years ago when I listened to a guy talk about the risks of falling and the consequences thereof. For example: if you and I are the same age, and I fall and injure myself and you get cancer, did you know that in 5 years (statistically speaking) I’ll be dead and you’ll still be alive?

I don’t know about you, but that shocks me. Falls are a big deal.

I’ve been in the fitness business for a little over 30 years now. In that time, I’ve helped a lot of folks get stronger, lose body fat, and gain the ability to accomplish physical feats in sports performance or personal endeavors. But my fear is this: have I helped them to live a more productive life in the coming years?

Have I cheated my clients by not providing them with the necessary tools to move more fluidly, to effortlessly bend, squat or kneel down, then rise again, without the fear of a loss of balance or wondering if they can get up again.

I recently read a report which stated that the typical American adult “now requires three distinct attempts to raise themselves from a seated position.” I don’t know about you, but that just makes me sad.

Very sad.

The older I get, the more I tend to believe that fitness, especially for folks 50 and up, should be more about being strong and effective movement and less about aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong, looking good and moving well are not mutually exclusive, but movement is life. And moving well could literally save your life.

It boggles my mind that many folks can lift more, have come to the understanding that training holistically and on their feet is a good thing, but can’t move well. I mean, we have an entire generation of folks who, from all outward appearances, look to be in great physical condition and yet can’t tie their shoes or pick their clothes up off the floor.

I was at the bank recently and a guy came in to meet with one of the representatives for a loan or something. He was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He looked about my age and appeared to be in pretty decent condition with good muscle structure and shape. I could see some of that kineseo/Arasti tape on his right triceps running up to his shoulder area. The bank guy called him into his office, and when this guy attempted to sit down he looked like an octogenarian reaching for his walker. He placed one hand on the desk and the other on the chair to steady himself, THEN gently and slowly lowered his backside onto the chair.

And I fear this is the type of thing I’m setting my clients up for. And I lose sleep over it.

You see, this guy, and so many people like him, is an illustration of what I see so often. People workout in order to lift heavy stuff, to be strong and to look good, but what good is it if you can’t simply bend over and tie your own shoes?

I’ve never been to a “third world country”, but the one thing I admire about them is the way they sit to do things like eat or work. It’s a natural thing, and anyone should be able to do it. It looks like this:

3rd world squatI’m guessing that roughly 75% of the people I work with can’t sit like this. I can and often do. It’s a natural movement and how you developed in the womb.

You want a quick test to gauge how long you may have to live? It’s called the Sitting Rising Test. I encourage you to click the link and watch the brief video, but basically you cross your legs at the ankles, then sit down on the floor without using your hands or losing your balance. Reverse the process using the same criteria and get your score.

The man who developed this test, a Brazilian doctor, did so because he found that, while his patients often had good cardiovascular or muscular test results, they couldn’t reach down and touch their toes or pick something off the floor.

That’s a distinct loss of mobility and fall waiting to happen.

My big fear is that much of what I’ve taught over the last few years has only perpetuated this scenario.

So the next time you’re in a training session with me, and I’ve programmed your training to include getting up and down from the ground, bear crawls and other such primal, basic and natural movement patterns, you can thank me now for potentially extending and saving your life 10, 20 or 30 years down the road.


The Blessing And Conundrum Of Being An Older Fitness Professional

I’ve been involved in the business of health, fitness and wellness longer than many of my colleagues have been alive.

Men and women who are over 50 like me, to include great professionals like Art McDermott, Greg Justice, Randy Woody, Billy Corbett, Dave Schmitz, Ed Cosner, Michael Boyle, JR Smith, Tony Blauer and so many more, have stories and tales of success, heartbreak, triumph and tribulation enough to fill libraries.

And yet, with all of our accomplishments, accolades, obstacles and trials, there are certain commonalities that we all share, and…if I may be so bold…will express here in this brief treatise for you.

But first, I must make a confession: My colleagues are all much more educated than I am.

I do not possess a “formal” education in physiology, anatomy, biology, kinesiology or many of the other prerequisites to being a recognized “leader” or “authority” in this field.

I have an associate’s degree in electronics technology from a local technological school. That’s the extent of my formal education.

I’m sorry if this disappoints you.

However, what I lack in formal educational training I’ve made up by investing thousands of dollars in books and seminars (both in person and online) for the past 30 years to broaden my scope of understanding of the many capabilities, functions and possibilities of the human body.

With that said, here is what I think being in this field for the past 30 plus years has taught me in 2 simple statements. And yes, I’m going to be so bold as to speak for my colleagues…

  • No one cares how much you know until they first know how much you care.
    I have yet, in 33 years as a fitness professional, had anyone ask me about my credentials, certifications, education or qualifications with respect to my chosen field of endeavor.
    I suspect it is because they first got to know me as a person, understood that I cared more about their well-being and goals than the money they were to pay me and offered them encouragement, hope and the possibility of success.
    It ain’t rocket science, kids.
    We live in a negative world, filled with negative news.
    Be the light of hope in someone’s life and watch them blossom.
  • In order to do more for others, you must first be more as a person.
    This means learning more.
    Caring more.
    Striving more.
    Reaching more.
    Listening more.
    Hugging more.
    Loving more.
    Offer more of yourself to your clients.
    Seek to understand before trying to be understood more.
    Being more of a servant leader.
    People remember quality service, and appreciate it.
    If you do it right, they stick with you for decades.

I have an 84 year old client that I have worked with for the past 22 years. He is like a father to me. He told me recently that he loved me. I’ve expressed similar feelings to him and his wife many times.

There is no amount of money, education or certifications that can purchase that kind of mutual admiration.

Be the kind of person that you’d want coaching you.